All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Mehta & Associates presents an opportunity to talented individuals who would love to pursue their dreams and exercise their potential by offering a position to join the Mehta family in order as a team to make an impact on society allowing them to make informed decisions and assist in improving businesses.

Mehta Team is a growing firm in assurance with aspirations to become a leading auditing and consulting firm in the region offering highly qualified professional services through its employees who are of well experience to tackle everyday financial aspects and compliance to regulations.

As a firm, we offer a chance for growth in your career, individual skills, the ability to think and assess things critically and being able to make a difference. It is through this that our purpose and mission is attained.

How to apply?

Please apply job under "Job listing Portal". After filling out the online form, your application will be forwarded to us. You can only apply through our online system. We do not accept mail or email applications.